Thursday, February 24, 2011

confused what should i do

                            this day make me fuckin confused~
      1st my ex A suddenly chat with me at fb me ? ask me to go out with him 2moro *movieeee~
     then i was like shock a bit i dont know what i feel now~ its not like wht i feel before ? its diff ?
     then this guy F i kinda like him but one of my fren tell me his not a good guy ? i dont know wht to say but he kinda nice and sweet to me,, :D he call me just now , we talk like 1hours ~ with my ex we dind always call like F call me ~ F is kindda sweet :D im not comparing them or wht ~
after F call me i my heartbeating damn fast like its gona come out omg i was shock wht was tht feeling ?
is tht a LOVE ?  my heart dind beat tht fast when my ex asked me out ? is tht mean i dind love my ex anymore ??? im CONFUSED now somebody help me please , and M hes one of my bestie act i like him  long time ago ~ when im still at form 3 . i think ?? but i knw hes bi so i donno how to accept bi to b my bf , i like him but i just dont wanna hurt him~ what should i doo nowww ?  :'(

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