Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yellowcard - Only One (+ Lyrics)

its ur fav song....
i listen to it over n over again i miss u so much bie ~ im the one who let u go , i regret it~
i just want u too know 1year with u is fuckin awsome , u make me cry then u make u laugh hahahha , u chnge me a lot im not the old me anymore ,, i will never ever forget you , i wont :) cause u are the best thing that ever been mine i dont care what people gonna say :) its not about them its all about u n me ..loving u doesnt mean we have to be together aite? i want u to be happy okay :) i really2 hope ull find someone that can replace me , n much2 better then me that wont leave u like i did to you ,, ill never hate u even though u broke my heart soo many times cause i love you :) well promise me if u already find someone that u really2 love let me know okay :) there's one thing i really want u to know
* i love all about you ill never hate you i really2 want to see u happy with ur new gf , i never know what love is till the day i found you bie ..
im gonna start with my new life without you its hard but ill try :)

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