Monday, August 8, 2011


I should wake up from all of these thing , life still young Im not gonna waste my time crying for someone who doesnt really deserve me :) maybe i should try to accept other people in my life its kinda hard for the first time but i will get used to it :) sometimes the people that we want the most is the one that gonna hurt us the most when that happen,you should realize that he is not for you!  jyeahh people always ask for second chance but i think i've given so many change waiting for something that will never happen ..  all i want is someone that could understand me,love me with all his heart, never cheated on me,always be there when i need,always care about me and never gonna break my heart but i guess that is soooooo not you ! i never asked u to give me a bear or whatsoever like other girls did? all i ever want is to love me care about me is tht too much to ask ?? i never complain about your attitude? i always forgve you till you can easly make me hurt again and again cause you u know that i will always forgive you aite ? ==' i dont understand you sometimes you talkk too much but you act diff from what you're saying ==' 

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